Benefits of Adding Omega 3 Supplements to your Pet’s Diet

Our four-legged-friends are undoubtedly our best friends and playing with them is a pretty effective stress buster. But like us, they too experience health issues. Because they can’t communicate in words, we need to keep tabs on our pet’s activities, their behavior, and their physical appearance. Omega 3 is an amazing nutrient that defends pets against various health troubles.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to predict what’s wrong with our pet(s) and we rush to the vet time and again. Following are a few benefits of omega 3 supplements for pets that might just save you the recurring trips to the vet:

Builds Strong Immunity

If your pet keeps falling sick or seems to always catch some kind of illness every two to three months, this may indicate issues related to a weak immune system. Having a weak immune system inhibits your pet’s body’s ability to defend against diseases. This issue is typically faced by senior cats and dogs. Adding these supplements to your pet’s diet will help in building a stronger immunity.

Reduces Inflammation in Pets

Inflammation is often either a consequence or a reason for many diseases. Pets with diseases related to the heart, brain, kidney, or even arthritis tend to have issues with inflammation. Likewise, pets are accustomed to autoimmune diseases which also cause swelling. Omega 3 supplements for pets are a good recourse to help soothe inflammation.

Arthritis in Dogs

Usually observed in older dogs, signs include – limping, spinal troubles, difficulty in moving, irritability, and tiredness. Some pets indicate pain by licking, biting, or chewing the parts that cause them pain. Including this nutritional supplement in your dog’s diet can significantly improve its giant as well as activities that require it to move about. The same can be given to cats as well.

Osteoarthritis in Cats

Osteoarthritis is a class of arthritis that is fairly common in cats. In osteoarthritis, the normal cartilage which cushions the joint starts to atrophy, consequently exposing the bone causing immeasurable discomfort. Fish oil supplements have been found effective in alleviating the harsh consequences of this disease, not just that, it’s also proven to lessen stiffness and increase activity levels in cats.